Our Care


This first meeting is designed to establish what kind of services you require from us and is carried out by one of our trained team members.

We listen to your needs and learn more about you, so that we can identify how we can deliver your service. This assessment is free and not a commitment on your part.


Once we have discussed your needs we will send you a service plan that covers everything that we will have discussed. It will highlight your needs and a package of care that we feel might meet your needs.

The Service plan will form a part of our contract and tells you what to expect from us. This document can be updated and reviewed when there is a change in your needs. You can alter the Service Plan at anytime and this leaves you in control of how and what services you purchase from us. This document is your guide to your service and our guide to what you expect from us.


We will provide you with a contract that indicates our mutual intentions. The contract contains our terms of the business and pricing, along with the commitment that we make to you.

It is important to us that we have a contract that is flexible, this ensures that you can change your contract with us if need be, rather than committing to a contract that’s not meeting your needs.


We believe that our service user’s safety and protection is one of our highest responsibilities. Which is why we:

  • We uphold the Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulations and guidelines
  • We adhere to all relevant legislation and best practice guidelines.
  • We maintain high standards of training for our staff.
  • We monitor and update all our Policies and Procedures to incorporate new information and guidance.
  • We hold customer satisfaction with the highest regard.
  • We abide by Safeguarding Policies and Procedures.


We also like to know that we are meeting your expectations, that is why we have implemented a “service user feedback form”. This ensures sharing your views about our service with us. This enables us to monitor and assess the performance of our team, which is vital in improving our service.